Economics and Investing

Economics and investing properly with a long-term mentality is what sets most survivalists apart from our friends and neighbors. We, more than most, recognize and expect monetary investments to some day completely disappear. That can be scary and tricky to balance with day-to-day finances. We all know and agree things are getting worse, and eventually some kind of meltdown will occur, but will that be one year, five years, or ten years away? We don’t know. That’s were the difficulty comes into play, if you were to spend every last dollar you had right now on a tangible survival product, let’s say food or ammunition, and nothing happens – then you’re sitting on more food and ammunition than you know what to do with for no good reason.

Instead of bulk investing in any single item I try to take the approach that several small investments in quality items will result in greater long term value than having too much of any one thing.

I’ll be posting pieces on this page that have to do with good investment strategies, what to hoard, and proper quantities as I can.

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