Backpacking and Hiking Survival Gear

In designing this list we tried to focus on lightweight, high value items that save your life in a sticky situation. Each situation is different and there could always be another piece of gear you could have used, but we tried to put together a general purpose guide to cover the majority of situations, and tools and supplies that can be used in a multitude of situations.

1. A good knife. I personally use the Gerber 22-01629 LMF II Black Infantry Knife- 4.8 inch blade , but I’ve also just ordered the new Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge , which is based on survivalist Bear Grylls and is a bit more gimmicky. I’ll try it out and post a review as soon as possible.


(Work in progress)

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Survival Homesteading

Depending upon the type of catastrophic event, it might make sense to stay mobile, but in most cases having ample food, supplies, water, and shelter will be preferable to a rugged life on the barren road. This is why thousands of people are spending a good portion of their income into stockpiles of food, ammunition, and supplies.

I’ve long been an enthusiast of simple living and survivalism – see our sister blog, and last year I purchased 5 acres at the base of a mountain range in Western Montana. This area is conducive to the survivalist lifestyle, as are most areas 4-6+ hours outside of a large metropolitan area. They provide clean, fresh, water sources, ample land for planting, wooded areas for materials, and wildlife for hunting. The general scarcity of people is also a plus for someone looking to survive in a catastrophic situation.

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Survival Ammunition Hoarding

Ammunition is key for any survival situation, if you’re going to stockpile ammunition it’s important to make sure you have common caliber rounds that can also be used for barter or trade. If there is a global meltdown money will mean nothing, and ammunition will traded openly as a form of currency.

Ammunition should be kept dry and in original packaging whenever possible.

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Weapons – Specifically From A Survival Standpoint

Several multi-purpose weapons with common calibers

When purchasing and owning weapons for Survival it’s important to have low-maintenance weapons with common calibers.

(Work in progress)

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Blog to Survive – Your Survival Blog

I’ve been a fan of survival for years. I’ve acquired a nice collection of gear, toys, movies, books, and base necessities to consider myself as prepared as possible for most disasters. The purpose of this blog will be to share that knowledge with readers, and to open up discussion on topics of survival to help better prepare people for what is coming.
I’ll be operating this site in addition to a sister site – – which focuses on living simply and working with nature to increase our survival chances.
I’ll be updating this and other posts, but I wanted to get my current vision for the site down on paper, take a look:
– Who am I?
– Why survival?
Survival News
Survival Basics
– Have a plan
– Getting out
– Survival Gear Bag
Sustainable Living
– Survival Garden
– Simple Living
Survival Interviews
– Weapons
– Survival
I’ll be filling in more as time goes on – and setting up sections for you to share your knowledge aswell!
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