Food Additives That Store Forever

Obviously important to food storage are canned/jarred foods, powdered foods, dried foods, and so on. There are also important food additives that can be bartered with and used to enhance the meals you make. Many of these can save forever and will be worth their weight in gold.

Here’s a list of some of the best items you can store, and why they’re ideal food additives:

  • Sugar & Salt: White and Brown sugar is an excellent food to store. Sugar will save for years if kept dry, and can be used in all kinds of dishes. It can also be used as a trade-able commodity. (See Survival Economics: What to Hoard) Salt will also save for ages and can be used to enhance any dish.
  • Honey: Honey can be used in food or drinks and enhance the taste of anything you cook. Although it may harden and stick together more over time, it’s still edible.
  • Vinegar & “Pure” Vanilla Extract: Vinegar can be used for pickling foods, cleaning, and even as a slug killer on your fruit trees. Pure Vanilla Extra (emphasis on pure) lasts for years and can enhance all kinds of foods.
  • Syrups and Condiments: Most condiments will last for years. High quality ketchup, tobasco, mustard, and olive oil brands can store for several years. Corn Syrup saves for long periods of time and is an excellent sweetener to be used in cooking.

These are some basic items you can store in your cupboards in addition to the very obvious types of canned and jarred foods. Please post any additional items you can think of to add to this article!

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One Response to Food Additives That Store Forever

  1. Dadmau5 says:

    Something that would be great to have on the shelf is a reasonable selection of herbs and spices. To my knowledge, they will never spoil or go bad – just lose their potency over time.

    Dried herbs and spices wouldn’t take up much space on the shelf, as space may become an issue, but can make a lot of difference in the taste of a dish.

    Just ask my wife, she’s the best cook I have ever met and can make a dish erupt with flavor using the simplest ingredients.

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