Survival Homesteading

Depending upon the type of catastrophic event, it might make sense to stay mobile, but in most cases having ample food, supplies, water, and shelter will be preferable to a rugged life on the barren road. This is why thousands of people are spending a good portion of their income into stockpiles of food, ammunition, and supplies.

I’ve long been an enthusiast of simple living and survivalism – see our sister blog, and last year I purchased 5 acres at the base of a mountain range in Western Montana. This area is conducive to the survivalist lifestyle, as are most areas 4-6+ hours outside of a large metropolitan area. They provide clean, fresh, water sources, ample land for planting, wooded areas for materials, and wildlife for hunting. The general scarcity of people is also a plus for someone looking to survive in a catastrophic situation.

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