Short Term Survival and Disaster Preparedness

Catastrophic situations can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. The most important thing to have is a strong mental attitude, knowledge on general survival principles, and stockpiles of supplies to increase your and your families chance of surviving.

There are two types of preparedness that survivalists think about: short term disasters like earthquakes, floods, even too much snow, and then the long term types of disasters like global epidemics, destruction of oil/gas supply lines and so on.

We’ve got articles to address both, check out our:

Short Term Survival Preparedness Introduction

and our

Long Term Survival Preparedness Introduction

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2 Responses to Short Term Survival and Disaster Preparedness

  1. Rex Rumley says:

    Just curious about communications? Cells and landlines will be down. How about a Ham Radio and antenna? CB Radio??? Personal Family style radios?

    • Dono says:

      I absolutely keep several short range 2 way radios handy. They’re good for day excursions, hunting, trips, etc.

      Outside of that I keep a few smaller antennas on the house that can pick up most AM/FM signals, emergency broadcasts etc. They are hand powered too.

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